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Window Girl – Extreme Torturing

Hey there once again everyone, window girl returns with another update. This fine day we bring you a smoking hot MILF that wants to test out her giant strap on dildo on some unfortunate ass like in captive male videos. The ass that was to be penetrated tonight is that of her boyfriend’s and she intends to punish her little sex slave with that toy since he’s been very naughty tonight. He dared to not do the thins that she told him to do today and then she talked back to her. But too late did he realize that that meant he’d be punished. So let’s see what treatment he was in for tonight.


As the superb windowgirl scene starts, the blonde woman who is looking just like Nicki Blue signals the man to enter her room as she’s all ready to lay down some hard punishment on his tight ass tonight. He has no other choice but to be submissive and bend over as this lady prepares the toy for some deep anal penetrations. Watch her as she takes her time to fuck that ass as deeply as she can with her sex toy. In the end the male sex slave enjoyed himself as well and hopefully he learnt his lesson for now. Come back next week when we’ll have some fresh content once again!window-girl-extreme-torturing

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