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Window Girl – Club Torturing

Hey there guys, window girl is here and we want to bring you some very sweet updates featuring some hard style porn in every update. Today we have the pleasure to present to you the ins and outs of a club that lavishes with servicing it’s clients with all of their dominatrix and BDSM fetishes for our debuting gallery. For this first scene we are brining you a superb little scene with a tranny that gets tortured by his/her mistress. And she’s really ruthless as well. We are certain that you won’t regret your time spent here with these two today.

So without further due, let’s sit back and watch the two have fun in this windowgirl update. As the cameras start rolling you can already see the naughty tranny meeting the mistress, and the dominatrix has a full course torture session prepared for her little sex slave today. Watch as the woman fingers her slave’s ass and then watch as the dominatrix straps on her giant black dildo offering it to the tranny to suck on. We sincerely hope that this was to your liking and we hope you enjoyed your time here with this update. See you next week with even more scenes guys! Until then, you can join the website and watch some hot models getting tied up or enter the site and see some hot women getting their pussies stuffed by big cocks!

window-girl-club-torture window-girl-club-torturing

Check out this mean mistress torturing her slave!

The ultimate strap-on torture

Have a look at the next window girl video update, to see this hot mistress messing around with her lover. She’s got a huge strap on that she is about to use, even though at the very beginning he was kind of skeptical when he noticed it. But, after a long and kinky foreplay, they both got fired up and they started to play with each other, mostly she played with his body. She wanted to be in charge today so she got that huge toy and she started to play with it, rubbing his body with that giant toy.

The truth is, this was only the beginning. She got really fired up so she stretched his legs so she could get between them, to push that giant toy right between his butt cheeks. Have a look at the following actions and get ready to see some fisting action and some ass hammering sessions, just like in the fisting scene from You will get really turned on after seeing how this hot blonde is going to penetrate his tight ass hole with her giant tool. Have a look at the whole windowgirl video, to see exactly how she is going to pump his tight ass with that huge strap on that she has. You will have a huge surprise in the end, so have a look and see her being really hard. For similar videos and pics, check out the hard porn blog!

window girl in her bathroom See this hot mistress playing with her servant!

The Fetish Castle

We have more amazing window girl scenes for you guys so stay tuned! This time we have this old guy that wanted to try out some new things and ends up getting tied and teased by two sexy mistresses. He was having his midlife crises and needed to try out new things. Although he was married, his wife didn’t offered him what he wanted to he started looking for it in different places. The old guy found out about our girls and thought to make them a visit. They had this castle rented for all kind of sexual pleasures.

When you first heard about it, it seems to interesting to try out and that’s how it seemed to our guy as well. He told his wife that he had a business conference this weekend and booked his place at the castle. He was hoping to have a threesome with a hot lesbian couple, well he didn’t received that. When he got there they told him that it’s going to be rough and he still went for it. So don’t miss him out getting undressed, tied and them teased by the curvy two MILFs in this insane windowgirl update. If you want more fetish loving babe you must take a look at for more amazing scenes. Enjoy! Window Girl Sex Castle

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